Feather and Peck


We produce pastured free-range eggs from happy hens who forage free in open paddocks by day and roost in mobile trailers by night. The hens enrich our soil by eating bugs and weeds and providing natural fertiliser rotating weekly to new pasture. Pastured free-range eggs are ethically produced premium eggs.

Our farming system ensures our hens have unrestricted access to outdoors and fresh pasture. These hens don't just lay eggs; they are integral to the bio-diversity of our farms. They are rotated around our farms every week, following the grazing pattern of our cattle. The hens scratch, dig, bathe in the dust, peck the cow manure and fertilise the soil.

This 'multi-species' approach to farming mimics nature, controls parasites and weeds and sustainably improves production rates. It regenerates the soil, unlike any other commercial egg production.

The hens are also fed a locally grown, nutritionist-designed, GMO-free, soy-free grain. No feedlots. No overcrowding. No confinement. This means a lower stocking rate, less than 75 hens per hectare, compared to higher density free range of 10 000 hens per hectare. Our hens are tended by hand daily and protected by Maremma guardian dogs by day and night.