RF Shop Australia Pty Ltd

At RFShop our aim is to offer sound advice on improving Wifi, mobile phone, internet or any wireless connection troubles one might experience, providing solutions at the lowest possible prices. Our online shop makes your  buying experience smooth and convenient.  Customers are welcome to contact us by phone, email or Online Chat to resolve any query directly with an experienced antenna and radio frequency engineer. We will assist to resolve any technical problems with your connection. Starting in Oxley, Brisbane under the watchful eye of Peter Martin in the early 2000's, RFShop has relocated to Lonsdale, Adelaide with David and the team taking care of the day-to-day running of the business. RFShop's main product offering is custom coaxial cables ⓠany length, type, quantity, or connector mix is possible, all available to select with our online configurator. Being the official re-sellers of various brands allows us to be flexible and cater to what will work best for you, rather than promoting a single brand. Along with our high-end product options, we offer a range of budget conscious options. With our assembly and test arrangement we ensure the best solution without sacrificing quality for lower prices. Most of our cables are assembled locally in our Lonsdale workshop, giving us the flexibility to provide fast turn-around custom cables. As an authorised re-seller for Alfa Networks in Australia we can offer a full-turn-key WiFi solution from WiFi modems, range extenders and all supporting cables and antennas. We are also authorised Cel-Fi re-sellers and offer the same full turn-key for mobile internet and phone connections. RFShop does not only coaxial cable, but we also have a wide selection of antennas for various frequency bands and budget needs. Our antennas include solutions from Blackhawk, RFI and Poynting Antennas. We also pride ourselves on the lesser known brands and our own brand antennas allowing us to offer great solutions at highly competitive prices. RFShop is the CST representative Australia and New Zealand. We offer local technical support and consultancy as needed, with an engineering team with more than 27 years of joint RF, Antenna and simulation experience.