The Ambient Menu

Introducing The Ambient Menu is a platform that connects people who have difficulty hearing speech in background noise, to restaurants that are acoustically friendly.

Studies have found that some restaurants reach up to 95dB(A) on a busy night, which is the equivalent noise level of dining next to a lawnmower. If someone has difficulty hearing speech in background noise, this makes conversation in a typical restaurant with acquaintances impossible.

We believe that everyone has the right to go to a restaurant and hear the conversation around the table. We believe that good conversation + good food + good service = a great experience.

This promotes socially active living for people with hearing loss, improving their lives.Our mission is to: Take the din out of dinner!

What is the Ambient Menu App? A free app that takes the guess work out of where to eat, by allowing users to choose a venue rated on:

  • Ease of Conversation
  • Quality of food
  • Customer Service.

So what can a user gain from using this app? It saves time trying to find a suitable place to dine with family and friends, by guiding them to a good night out enjoying ambient conversation, great food, quality service and guaranteeing them a great dining experience.