Trevor Hayley - Funeral and Life Memorial Celebrant


When a significant person dies their life needs to be celebrated. Is it possible to balance sensitivity with truly celebrating life? That is what, together, we can plan, as a fitting tribute for a loved one.

In this time, you may want someone to sit and be present with you, provide space for you to remember, talking together about your emotions and wishes for the memorial. At this time you might be feeling overwhelmed by what has just happened but you want to be able to mark your loss in some way. You want warmth, respect, sensitivity, someone to be present with you, and rekindle memories, for people to gather to support you and your family in your time of sorrow. Most of us want to be able to make a difference, to leave the world a better place.

To be in the lives of families, when you have had a loved one die, to be able to provide practical and compassionate care is what has drawn me to facilitate meaningful funerals and memorials. You may want to include Christian input or maybe not, perhaps you want a bit of both, whatever your wishes we can work together to design a unique memorial for family and friends.


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