Why invest in Onkaparinga?

Businesses and developers need evidence to base decisions about where to live, work and invest.

The motives that drive people to consider moving to or investing in a new area are varied. When planning a location for investment there are a myriad of questions that Onkaparinga can address, as the largest council area in South Australia:

  • Will I be able to find workers with required skills and experience?

    YES, Onkaparinga has a vibrant multiskilled workforce

  • Are local supply chains complementary to my business?

    YES, with strengths in agribusiness and food, health and medical devices, hospitality, manufacturing, tourism, wine & beverages.

  • Does Onkaparinga have enabling infrastructure like transports and telecommunications?

    YES, with Southern Expressway, SA’s only Electrified Train, and first NBN rollout in SA.

  • Are vacant sites / premises available in suitably zoned areas?

    YES, large industrial precincts and numerous commercial centres are available for choice.

  • Is the Onkaparinga population and economy growing?

    YES, the City of Onkaparinga population forecast for 2021 is 176,539, and is forecast to grow to 209,346 by 2041.

  • Is there a pipeline of future projects and developments?

    YES, significant state government, private sector and council projects are planned.

  • Are other businesses investing into Onkaparinga?

    YES, demand for industrial and commercial sites is strong in 2020 matching a wonderful lifestyle location as a gateway between Adelaide and Fleurieu Peninsula.

  • Should I buy or lease commercial property in Onkaparinga?
    YES, property prices and leases are among the most affordable in Adelaide.    


Download our brochure for more information on the lifestyle and business opportunities in the City of Onkaparinga.

Welcome to Onkaparinga(PDF, 8MB)

We may be biased, but we think our city is the best place to work, live and play in Adelaide!