How to reach more people with your Facebook posts for FREE

Published on 30 August 2021


Are you posting to crickets? People are unlikely to seek out your Facebook page, so it’s critical that you know how to make your posts show up in their newsfeeds. Here’s some top tips to help you reach more of your intended audience on Facebook.

People are primarily on social media to be inspired, informed and entertained and to catch up with family and friends. In truth, a retail ad is just an interruption to their scrolling.

Advertisers have about 3 seconds to capture attention in over-crowded social media newsfeeds. So, the less your post looks like an ad the better. Creating thumb-stopping content with a strong ‘call to action’ is your primary objective.

What makes a social media post effective?

When your customer views your ad can they immediately understand 'What’s in it for me?'.
They are not interested in listening to you talk about yourself.
They want to know how it benefits them? How does it solve their problems?

Visual communication
Does the image, or first three seconds of a video, visually convey what your post is about?
Is it relatable and appealing to your intended demographic audience?
Use emojis where appropriate to visually draw attention to the key messages.

Heading and text
Only the first few lines of text will be visible in newsfeeds unless people click the ‘see more’ link.
It is therefore essential that you 'cut to the chase' and delete any preamble or introduction.
The first sentence will either make people want to read more or scroll on by.
Ensure any ‘key words’ are included in the first 3–5 words or heading.

Have you provided information about who, what, when, where, why, and the cost in the text?
If it’s free, say so, right up front in the first sentence.
Give people a reason to click through to a website for further information or to take action.

Call to action
It’s vital that you include a 'call to action' in every post.
What is it that you want people to do as a result of seeing your ad?
For example: Download a helpful guide, subscribe to a newsletter, join your group, visit your website, purchase a product, follow your social media account, save some handy tips for future reference, enter a competition, watch a video, register their interest, complete a survey, etc
Include a web link in a Facebook post, or a link in the bio of an Instagram account.

Publish at peak times
Once you hit the publish button, your post will circulate in newsfeeds for about 24 hours for free. Possibly longer if lots of people like, share, save, and comment on your post.

It makes sense to schedule your posts to appear at the peak times when your audience are most likely to have spare time to see, and act, on your post. Typically, the best times are when people aren’t at work or study. Think mornings, weeknights, weekends and public holidays. However, if your primary target audience is parents with school age children, you could consider school pickup times, school holidays, after children’s bedtime etc.

Once you know what content resonates most with your target audience, it’s worth investing in paid Facebook advertising to reach more of the right people and amplify results.
We’ll cover more tips about paid advertising in a future article.