About ON

The ON Business Partner Program is an initiative of the City of Onkaparinga that aims to support local businesses of all sizes to thrive and grow, and enjoy the benefits of partnership and collaboration.

About ON

Our commitment to economic growth and job creation has led to the development of a tailored business support program designed to engage and enable businesses across the City of Onkaparinga.  

We understand that our region is home to niche business types across a broad range of industry sectors, which has informed our services and programs aiming to support our local businesses at any stage of their life cycle.

This first phase was launched in January 2017 and offers business access to:

  • free independent business advisory service
  • business education discovery sessions
  • business grants (three types)
  • online business portal (and business directory)
  • show and share networking (business influencers)
  • choose local campaign (business to business and business to community).

You'll find more information about each of these phase one offerings as you navigate through our website. We'd also welcome a meeting with you to discuss these opportunities in relation to your business.

The ON Business Partner Program will grow and develop through continuous improvement via your feedback and outcomes delivered through this business and council collaboration.

We look forward to growing our region together.