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Supply of Goods & Materials Office and Workplace Supplies Automotive and Fleet Requirements

Over the next few months, LGA Procurement will be investigating whether to commence the tender process to seek South Australian specific providers where possible, under the following categories: • Tyres and Batteries • Fleet Management • Office Stationery and Workplace Supplies (current contract concludes April 2019).

About LGA Procurement

Wholly owned by the Local Government Association of SA, LGA Procurement aims to assist councils in their procurement of a range of products and services by providing Panel Contracts that are easy to use and offer value.

Our procurement practices follow a rigorous tender and evaluation process, are open and follow strict probity guidelines to ensure councils and local government entities in South Australia are able to use the contracts with confidence.

To view the full range of contracts on offer, please click here.

For more information, please contact: Andrew Haste andrew.haste@lga.sa.gov.au

General enquiries: procurement@lga.sa.gov.au

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Nomination to become a council supplier

Further to the ON Business Directory, the City of Onkaparinga uses a system for registration of suppliers called VendorPanel, which is free for invited suppliers to access. The system allows council staff to easily identify and request quotes from suitable suppliers, and provides a simple mechanism for suppliers to respond. The form below will be submitted to our Procurement Team who will work with you through the process of becoming a pre-qualified supplier.