The City of Onkaparinga is the largest of 19 local government metropolitan councils in South Australia.​ Think about supplying your goods and services.

The peri-urban landscape of our city on the southern edge of Adelaide is varied including the eastern hills, western 31 kilometres of coast, southern rural farmland, metropolitan suburbia, country townships, vibrant commerce, wide industrial uses, along with world class vineyards and wineries.

We provide varying services to our residents which include key infrastructure, libraries, community, youth and positive ageing centres, open spaces, waste collection, graffiti removal, water management and many more.

Our region has an estimated resident population of 172,695 people in 2018, with a vast land mass of 517 square kilometres containing 9,090 businesses (dominated by 8,690 thriving SME’s and 400 big businesses). We want to buy local.

Our 2018/19 budget is $197.7 million. We employ more than 700 people – and manage 500 volunteers. So local government is big business and we purchase a lot to get the job done!

We have budgeted to spend $197.7 million in 2018/19. This includes $118.2 million on activities we are required to provide under legislation (core activities), $49.1 million on additional activities we deliver to enable broader outcomes for our communities (value added activities) and $30.4 million on new assets and significant upgrades in response to our increasing population.

We aim to procure as much of this as possible locally. We run 'Doing Work with Council' sessions for local businesses to provide a greater understanding about how to be register and be pre-qualified to do business with council.

Doing business with local government is a valuable opportunity for business growth with significant opportunity for an ongoing revenue stream, secure payment, adds to the brand and reputation of your business and positions your business for further work with other councils, plus tiers of state and federal government procurement.