nbn™ access network for the business sector.

There are many business-specific questions related to the nbn™ access network. From how-to-connect, to speed tier options and quality-of-service considerations, to device compatibility and how to manage service faults once connected with an active service.  The following key business sector resources address these, and other questions. 

nbn 101 guide

This guide will explain what the nbn™ broadband access network means for you, and the role nbn plays in delivering your phone and internet services. This is a topical issue presently, and knowing who is responsible for what is fundamental to customer satisfaction; from quality-of-service to issue management.


nbn for business

Guide to the nbn™ access network for business; from how to make the switch to device compatibility and services in a power outage.  Case studies and blogs too.


Business readiness checklist

Is your business ready to switch?  To help prepare you for the switch, use the handy checklist to determine which services and equipment may be affected and find out what you need to do next.


Business special services

Special Services are a set of business telecommunication products delivered on copper, aside from your standard landline phone or internet services. These include, but are not limited to, Ethernet Lite, Frame Relay, Megalink, DDS Fastway, ISDN and Customnet.  For most businesses, switching these services over is not an automatic process - if your Special Services are affected you’ll need to arrange new services before your disconnection date or risk losing access to your critical services


Business blogs

Businesses who’ve already benefited from their nbn™ access connection, industry trends and tips