What do you, and your family, really desire when the life of your loved one has come to an end?

You want to be able to celebrate the life, and to have space to remember why they were, and still are, important to you. You need the sensitivity, empathy and presence of funeral and memorial professionals who have the expertise and experience to walk with you.

Adelaide Life Memorial Celebrant, Trevor Hayley, has joined Funeral Director, Deanne Edwards, and a local production company, to launch Adelaide Memorials Online. At the very core of our business, is the care for you and your family, at what can be a very difficult time. Your wishes for the celebration of life of your loved one will be respected, as together we plan a fitting memorial for your loved one.

Although attendance at Funeral and Memorial Services is currently limited, we want to provide the ability for all who knew the person to celebrate their life. We have a secure platform from which services can be pre-recorded or live streamed, meaning we can cater for a blend of physical attendees, and those viewing online, whether interstate or overseas. We will be able to adapt our service to you, whatever the restrictions may be now and in the future.

Services can be in any location of your choice whether this is the graveside, family home, local club, or any venue, indoors or outdoors. Services can be customised to ensure your wishes are respected.

When the time arises, and there has been a death, and you need to make arrangements, please call us on 0428 766 580 or 0409 107 372, 24/7, and we will guide you through the process. You can be assured you loved one will be transferred into our care with respect, as if they were our own, and will be prepared for cremation with meticulous care. If you require an additional viewing, this can be arranged. We want families to feel like they are in control.

We truly believe a sincere, warm and personalised memorial for you and your family is still possible. Our core value is care, compassion, and presence for grieving families. Providing a memorial service is an important part of your grief journey. Having an online service, and also the ability for you to attend up to current restrictions, means this important journey can continue.

Adelaide Memorials Online can provide complete care, in your most difficult time, and to plan a celebration of life for your loved one, with you and your family. For more information, including our pricing, which we have kept as low as possible, please visit https://adelaidememorialsonline.com.au/.

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