Sell It Yourself Property Consulting is a real estate selling business focused on cultivating enthusiasm, skill and confidence among property owners to sell their properties themselves, without using real estate agents. It has never been easier to do with the reach the internet provides and the choice of online service providers available to assist.

You may have heard of 'Purple Bricks' or 'For Sale by Owner' or 'ANREPS'. They are part of the choice of agencies licensed to allow an online selling service. They are one of 13 providers and there are big differences between them.

We demystify the process and get it down to essentials and take it from there.

It is far less complicated to sell than you may realise and can be so much more rewarding on many levels (not just the marketing and commission saving).

The business provides group information sessions, and one-on-one consulting with owners to inspire and guide their selling goal.

We have a time-based fee and NO Commission arrangements are entered into.

PO BOX 199, Port Noarlunga SA 5167