The spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been a dominating factor for the past few months. With restrictions easing and requirements changing it is important for businesses to prepare and adequately respond.

Navigating and accessing the most up-to-date information and resources can be challenging with the pressures of running a business in this current climate. We have developed this one-stop-shop suite of support services including resources, funding sources and links to help your business.

For information relating to how specific council services are being affected visit the City of Onkaparinga's COVID-19 information page.


COVID Safe Compliance Marshals

The Emergency Management (Public Activities No 7) (COVID-19) Direction came into effect at 00:01 Friday 14 August 2020.

The new Direction provides an update to the restrictions currently in place for gatherings across South Australia and introduces the requirement of a COVID Marshal for:

  • Gatherings of 20 people at a residential premises (includes short term rental and houseboats) is a permitted gathering, providing that there are no more than 10 visitors (people who do not reside at the premises) at any one time e.g. 6 people reside at the house which means 10 other people can visit, with a total of 16 people;
  • Gatherings at a private place (not a public place or residential premises) are now restricted to no more than 100 people regardless of whether they are indoor or outdoor e.g. Hall or Farm.

COVID MARSHALL REQUIREMENTS As of the 21 August 2020, a COVID Marshal is a person who must supervise prescribed operations.

A COVID Marshal must:

  • Be 18 years of age or more;
  • Complete the required training and keep records of the training to provide to an authorised officer on request; and
  • Take reasonable steps to visually identify as a COVID Marshal.

A COVID Marshal is required to:

  • Promote and take practical steps to ensure infection control practices (e.g. frequent handwashing) are followed by people involved in the operations (patrons, employees and contractors);
  • Promote and take practical steps to ensure people participating in the operations are complying with density requirements, physical distancing principle;
  • Must ensure that all COVID Safe Plans and COVID Management Plans (where relevant) or specific polices/protocols in relation to the prevention of coronavirus are effectively implemented and monitored;
  • Ensure the environment is appropriately established and there is sufficient seating, hand washing facilities and cleaning regimes; and
  • Be present supervising prescribed operations at all times (except where the site operates for 24hrs where at all times means times of high patronage).

A COVID Marshal is required for the following operations:

  • The onsite purchase and consumption of food or beverages (indoor and outdoor)
  • Ceremonies
  • Supermarkets
  • Hardware stores
  • Distribution centres (including associated transport operations)
  • Gymnasiums and fitness centres
  • Swimming pools used by the public
  • Social and sporting clubs
  • Any activity where a COVID Management Plan is required; and
  • Any operation which may be defined by the state coordinator.

COVID Marshal Training:

COVID Marshals will be required to complete this training as prescribed by SA Health. This 30-minute online course is offered at no cost.

Please click here to begin COVID Marshal Training.

Funding Opportunities


The Australian Federal Government has announced the $17.6 Billion stimulus package, providing assistance to businesses, households and the regions. The package includes one-off cash grants as well as other support such as providing small businesses access to a maximum of $25,000 over six months.

Our Funding Finder (powered by Grant Guru) provides full summaries of what’s available all in one place as it’s announced. Plus, other grants you may not know existed.

Southern Business Mentoring Program


Now FREE for businesses until 1 November 2020, the Southern Business Mentoring Program is aimed at helping businesses with the many challenges facing businesses currently. Our team of advisers includes experts in the areas of general business advice, strategic marketing, digital specialists, export and international trade, innovation, human resources and new streams: mental health and wellbeing and retail trade.

Resource links


Federal, state and local governments are all providing support for small businesses who are affected by novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We have created a COVID-19 Business Resource Guide with links and support to help your business. This document will be updated regularly as developments come to hand.

Local jobs board directory


We understand that job security is being affected at the moment in some industries, so we have compiled a list of local job providers, agencies and recruiters to assist job seekers in our community.

COVID-19 Business Support e-news