Bridget leads HR development

HR Development at Work is a human resources and workplace wellbeing consultancy who love to help organisations to effectively manage the people aspects of: attraction; selection; individual and leadership development; workplace wellbeing; HR systems; change and outplacement.

With Bridget Hogg at the helm, HR Development at Work has been helping SA organisations since 2002. Bridget started the business because she could see a need for improved leadership culture to enhance workplace retention, satisfaction and performance – and it seemed a great way to have a really good boss! Leadership culture is key to workplace satisfaction and retention.

Their clients are typically large organisations, such as resources companies, or government entities (Local, State or Federal) – and also some smart, fast growing, innovative smaller businesses. Their local work has enabled HR Development at Work to build better local businesses; improve workplace wellbeing; and support people through critical incidents at work and retrenchment.

Are you in your businesses wondering 'Who can help us to attract and retain quality staff?' or 'Who can help us with this HR issue?' Contact HR Development at Work for a no-charge friendly chat about what you might need and how they can help. They offer a wide range of HR Consulting and Training services right on your doorstep so don’t overlook the benefits of buying local.

More information about the 7 ways HR Development at Work would love to help you, can be found on their website