Join the journey of EDAS Foods

EDAS foods designs and creates health focused, convenient and clearly labelled food for health-conscious people on the go. We have a range of meals tailored to different dietary needs and lifestyle choices, such as high protein, low FODMAP and Paleo: making it easy for you to eat clean while getting on with doing the things that you love.  

EDAS Foods products adhere to the following principles:

  • Nutritionally balanced
  • Delicious recipes designed by a qualified chef
  • Slick, small sized & vacuum packed can go straight into a backpack
  • No refrigeration required / Non-perishable / 'Best Before not 'Use By'
  • Simple and clear information regarding allergy friendly and dietary compliance on labels
  • Paleo / Just eat real food principles
  • Whole Food / Sourced locally / Organic Produce where possible

"At EDAS foods we create real food that tastes great. All EDAS foods are designed by a professional chef and nutritionist. We use state­ of ­the ­art technology to create instant meals that are delicious, convenient and nutrient ­rich. All EDAS products are clearly labelled and come in condensed, nutrient ­packed portions: meaning you get all the energy and goodness of a full, nutritionally balanced meal, without that sluggish feeling." Phil Gartlan, Director of EDAS Foods.

EDAS Foods is a successful ON Small Business Start-Up Grant recipient.