Rightsize your Life!

Amelia’s passion lies in teaching us how we can all live better with our belongings, by keeping what we love and thoughtfully recycling, repurposing and/or rehousing our excess possessions.

For the past two years, and with the recent support of an ON Small Business Grant, Amelia’s business To Keep or Not to Keep has been working with individuals and families offering a range of traditional decluttering services, including dividing and sorting of belongings, and education on how to use her unique system The Rightsize Approach.

Amelia works with clients who are ready to face the task of letting go of unwanted items in their homes.

‘This process of clearing their clutter has a very powerful and transformative effect which is amazing to be a part of. My clients are incredibly courageous!’ Amelia says.

She is also working with tenants of Junction Australia, assisting them to live better with their belongings.

Amelia’s reach is being extended to include a book called ‘Rightsize your Life!” which is due for release later this year, as well as a YouTube series on the process of ‘Keep and Not Keeping’.

If you could use some assistance in rightsizing your life, book a consultation with Amelia at To Keep or Not to Keep: Clutter Management Solutions.